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Top Bigcommerce Development Companies

List is prepared by Oleg S.

02 December 2023
2 reviews
Verified Partner

Berlin, Germany

"Our partnership with Dinarys for Application Development Services solutions was a revelation."

Jacob Adams
Sales Representative


Top Technologies provided

3 reviews
Verified Partner

US, California

"Softermii is a rare gem in the world of Business Digitalization solutions."

Sophia Hall
Project Manager


Top Technologies provided

5 reviews
Verified Partner

Krakow, Poland

"Our partnership with Unibrix for Staff Augmentation solutions was a revelation."

Jackson King




Las Vegas



1 2 47 48

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We only work with personally verified IT companies and agencies from countries known for their high-quality outsourcing. Our verified and trusted catalog shows that all service providers have excellent reputations and years of experience in various niches. No freelancers, only the top 3 companies in each category.

Competitors lack their own pool of service providers. They rely on freelancers who often lack the necessary education and experience. There are risks of the freelancer disappearing, delays in delivery, poor task execution, and breaches of confidentiality. Normally, there are no vetted developers on those marketplaces.

We function both as a catalog and a marketplace with an Escrow feature. This provides you with a guarantee that the service provider will fulfill all obligations. Your funds are transferred to the executing company only after our verification and confirmation of the product’s quality.

Freelance marketplaces do not verify the quality of completed work. Therefore, you cannot obtain a guarantee for the timely completion of all tasks and protect yourself from financial fraud.

Our team provides support at every stage. We assist in selecting the right service provider, preparing technical specifications, and ensuring project support and quality control. If you do not have the necessary talent in your team to prepare a technical specification and perform quality checks, our Escrow Plus service is the best option.

Competitors have minimal involvement in the project. Most companies simply connect the service provider with the client, take their commission, and forget about the project.

We do not charge commissions to our clients. Our company offers transparent pricing without hidden fees or commissions – and we do the quality control.

Other companies charge an additional percentage. On average, clients pay a 5% commission on the project without any quality assurance.

Our company is registered in Europe and holds legal responsibility. GetTrusted is officially registered in Vienna and operates under Austrian legislation.

Many freelance platforms have no legal liability. Often, clients establish contracts directly with the executing firm rather than with the platform itself.

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How to select the best

Bigcommerce Development Company


What is the Main Role of BigCommerce Development Companies?

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform providing retailers with software for web development and virtual store creation. It offers various services, including building an online store, SEO optimization, marketing tools, hosting, and security features. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform also has many website themes and templates, store management services, payment processing, and currency conversion capabilities. Therefore, BigCommerce is rightfully considered one of the most convenient and versatile solutions in the e-commerce industry.

For aspiring retailers looking to launch a reliable online platform, it is important to seek the support of professionals. Experienced sellers and representatives of large stores may need rapid website scaling or troubleshooting technical issues, which also requires the involvement of specialized experts. In the IT services market, you will find numerous BigCommerce development companies that will ensure the swift creation and customization of your project.

Do you want to efficiently manage your business? Experts guarantee the execution of the following tasks:

  • Design and development of an online store.
  • Creating an appealing website design.
  • Integrating necessary functions.
  • Assisting in migrating content from an old website version to BigCommerce.
  • Deploying web solutions and launching them in the market.
  • Post-release support and maintenance of the e-commerce platform.

Regardless of the tasks, a qualified company will provide you with individualized BigCommerce development services and serve as a reliable assistant throughout the collaboration.

How Can My Business Benefit From BigCommerce?

BigCommerce, as an e-commerce platform, provides its users with all the necessary tools and capabilities for creating, growing, and improving an online store:

  • Simple User Experience: Your customers can easily access product catalog search, view product details, reviews, and ratings, add items to the shopping cart, place orders, and more. As an administrator, you'll have a convenient admin panel for listing, categorizing, editing products, and managing orders and returns.
  • Responsive Design: Collaborating with a BigCommerce development agency, you can create a website that adapts to various devices and screen sizes. This improves the customer experience with your brand. Besides, 72% of internet users visit web stores from their smartphones, making a mobile-friendly design crucial for attracting and retaining customers.
  • SEO Tools: BigCommerce allows you to have a website optimized for current search engine requirements. This ensures a high ranking and rapid growth for your online store.
  • Multiple Payment Options: BigCommerce website development grants you access to 65 payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and 2Checkout. This variety of payment options and built-in currency conversion makes expanding to international markets significantly easier. That's why this platform is so popular among retailers targeting foreign customers.
  • BigCommerce Templates: The platform boasts a wide array of templates to visually enhance your online store. You have access to over 150 paid and approximately 12 free theme designs that display beautifully on all devices, helping you make your website's storefront more attractive and unique.
  • Dropshipping: Another distinctive feature of BigCommerce development is the possibility of dropshipping. All you need to do is install a specialized app from the platform's store. You'll gain access to all the necessary functions for implementing this sales method.

BigCommerce Development Services Price

The average cost of BigCommerce web development can range from $10,000 to $100,000 per project. Typically, the final order amount depends on various criteria, such as:

  • Type and complexity of the project.
  • The number of required features.
  • Design and user interface requirements.
  • The number of API integrations and payment gateways.
  • Project delivery timelines.
  • The number of specialists involved.
  • Developers' level of expertise.
  • The location of the outsourcing team.

Therefore, you can only determine the exact amount after discussing your business goals, unique features, technical requirements for your online store, visual preferences, and other details with the contracting company.

Please note that BigCommerce development agencies may use different types of collaboration, like hourly rates, fixed costs, and hybrid models. Each company has its own pricing policy, making it challenging to predict the final amount. On our rating platform, GetTrusted, you can submit a request and receive a list of prices for BigCommerce website development services. Additionally, our experts can provide consultations and assist in selecting specialists tailored to your budget.

BigCommerce Development Services We Offer

BigCommerce development experts will create a website, configure convenient store management, implement useful features, and highlight the uniqueness of your brand. Explore the list of services offered by leading outsourcing companies to learn more about their work.

BigCommerce Consulting

For building a successful e-commerce business project, it's essential to conduct comprehensive research on the market, technologies, marketing trends, and more. Consultations from BigCommerce developers will help you better understand the intricacies of websites created on the platform, precisely define requirements, determine functionality, and target audiences. Moreover, they provide a preliminary cost estimate and project deadlines.

BigCommerce Migration

BigCommerce offers users numerous free features and other advantages, prompting some retailers to switch to it from other platforms. Specialists help execute a swift and secure migration. In addition, BigCommerce provides a set of services for project implementation management, data and content migration, and employee training. This significantly simplifies the migration process.

BigCommerce Theme Development

Developers and designers provide you with a personalized approach, improving the visual aspects of your project. Qualified specialists conduct theme design customization that precisely aligns with your business direction. Thanks to the appealing appearance of your website pages, you increase user interest and ensure longer stays for potential customers in your online store.

BigCommerce Web Design

BigCommerce site development encompasses designing a user-friendly interface (UI) and user experience (UX), along with responsive design, ensuring optimal display of your site on any device. You get straightforward site navigation, a familiar button and field placement for customers, and an attractive appearance. This helps you enhance customer retention on the site and increase conversion rates.

10 Questions To Ask BigCommerce Developers

A licensed BigCommerce development company can be your trusted partner in building a robust and reliable online store, creating a unique design, and implementing essential features. On GetTrusted, you'll find only verified professionals who have demonstrated their expertise during our team's rigorous testing.

To ensure you can assess the professionalism of the selected candidates and conduct productive interviews, we've prepared a list of 10 key questions for you:

  1. What experience does the team have in your business niche?
  2. Can the developers provide their portfolios or examples of their work?
  3. What collaboration models can the outsourcing agency offer?
  4. How will the pricing for their BigCommerce development service be determined?
  5. What is the company's policy regarding intellectual property rights for the projects they develop?
  6. How is the security of personal and corporate data ensured during collaboration?
  7. What technologies and tools does the agency use for projects like yours?
  8. How can you be confident in the reliability and quality of the product developed by the team?
  9. Is reporting provided at each stage of work?
  10. How will the BigCommerce website development company communicate with you throughout the collaboration?

Use our tips to find licensed developers who are a perfect fit for your project's realization.

Interesting Facts about BigCommerce

To help you get better acquainted with BigCommerce development store, we've gathered some interesting statistical data about this platform:

  • Total number of web shops: In 2021, a total of 4,831 new e-commerce websites were developed, and from 2022 to the present, 5,144 more stores have been added. Currently, there are approximately 50,000 active sites on the BigCommerce e-commerce platform.
  • Retail sector distribution: Among the most popular business sectors are home and garden products, with 7,764 stores (15.7%); clothing stores, with 7,387 (15%); and automotive goods and vehicles, with 3,235 (6.6%). Other retail niches include food and beverages, sports goods, beauty and fitness, each with over 3,000 stores; health products, industry and business with over 2,000; toys, hobby accessories, gifts, computers, art and entertainment, and pet products, each with over 1,000 stores.
  • Stores migrating to BigCommerce: 37.5% of web shops switched from Shopify, 17.5% from WooCommerce, 14.6% from Custom Cart, and 5% each from Magento and Wix.
  • Geographical distribution: The majority of online stores are in the United States (74.6%), followed by Australia (6.5%), the United Kingdom (5.9%), Brazil (2.7%), and Canada (2.7%).
  • Product offerings: BigCommerce is particularly popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Statistics show that 23.5% offer an assortment of 1-9 products, 19.6% offer 100-249 products, and 18.9% offer between 250 and 999 products.
  • Most popular third-party apps: To enhance functionality and additional features, users most frequently integrate Google reCAPTCHA (57.5%), Facebook Pixel (34.6%), and Google Analytics (31.9%) into their websites. Google Tag Manager, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Mailchimp, and Google Ads Pixel are also commonly used for BigCommerce app development.
  • Social media: To communicate with existing and potential customers, owners of BigCommerce online stores often use social media. Specifically, 28.6% prefer Facebook, 23.6% use Instagram, and 13.7% use Twitter.


What is better: Shopify or BigCommerce?

Both platforms have differences as well as similarities, making it impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer. For instance, BigCommerce offers more free features and does not charge fees for using a third-party payment gateway. Shopify has a vast app store and payment processing service but imposes transaction commissions through third-party payment resources. Therefore, when choosing an e-commerce platform, consider your needs, budget, and website requirements.

Why is BigCommerce so popular?

BigCommerce has gained popularity among retailers due to its high flexibility and scalability. Additionally, the platform offers numerous features at a more affordable price than similar services. It provides tools for creating attractive designs, enhancing functionality, SEO optimization, API integration with third-party apps, and streamlining product catalog management, among other benefits.

How can GetTrusted help me find the best BigCommerce development agency?

Our website features only the companies that have undergone thorough manual screening by our team. They have all the necessary licenses and high qualifications to work in the BigCommerce e-commerce development industry. Consult our experts to find an agency that suits your needs. We will analyze your idea and business goals and compile a list of top specialists.

Which business should choose BigCommerce?

The e-commerce platform best suits small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets and novice retailers opening their first online stores. This is because BigCommerce is considered one of the most cost-effective resources, offering key design features for free online store creation. The platform is mainly used by retailers selling clothing, home and garden products, automotive goods, and sports products.

What factors should I consider when selecting a BigCommerce development company?

When choosing a BigCommerce development service, pay attention to criteria such as experience in your business niche, work examples, feedback from other clients, and ratings on freelancer websites. You should also consider the cost of services, the location of developers, and the technologies the company uses to get an idea of the budget and project timeline.

Prepared by Oleg S.
Founder, Publisher
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