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Top WooCommerce Development Companies

List is prepared by Oleg S.

11 July 2024
Aggregated rating

Kyivska oblast, Ukraine | Warszawa


Top Technologies provided

Aggregated rating
3 reviews
Verified Partner

US, California

"We had a positive experience with this Softermii."

Emma Williams
Web Developer


Top Technologies provided

Aggregated rating
2 reviews
Verified Partner

Berlin, Germany

"Our partnership with Dinarys for Application Development Services solutions was a revelation."

Jacob Adams
Sales Representative


Top Technologies provided

Aggregated rating
1 review


"We couldn't be happier with the UX/UI Design solutions provided by 56 Degrees."

Ethan Baker
Data Analyst

Aggregated rating
3 reviews


"The Uran Company team's expertise in Design is commendable."

Oliver Johnson
Business Development Manager

Aggregated rating
1 review


"Our collaboration with PROS was a resounding success."

Liam Taylor
Account Manager

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TOP 3 WooCommerce Development companies

Welcome to Gettrusted,- the biggest catalog of WooCommerce Development agencies for different types of projects requiring WooCommerce Development. In our catalog there are a lot of companies which we pre-vote and found best 3 for your solutions. Our agencies turn your concept into a product your customers will love. With the help of our skilled developers, you will reach your target audience and achieve the planned results in no time. Boost your project with best WooCommerce Development companies.

What Is the Main Role of WooCommerce Development Companies?

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce solution that allows you to transform your WordPress website into a versatile online store. WooCommerce agencies also use it to create online marketplaces from scratch. This plugin is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs using a WordPress blog. To get the most effective and reliable website possible, many retailers prefer to partner with WooCommerce development companies that provide top-notch IT talent.

If you're looking to launch your own virtual store, experienced experts can handle all technical tasks and provide support at all process stages. At a WooCommerce experts agency, each team member has a different role, ensuring you receive a wide range of services, including:

  1. Developing plugins to enhance the functionality of your online trading platform. A professional WooCommerce website company typically offers a variety of add-ons for e-commerce projects.
  2. Integrating payment gateways to offer multiple payment options for customer convenience.
  3. Optimizing order processing to improve user experience and customer service.
  4. Customizing and editing themes to create a unique website tailored to your business, designed individually by a WooCommerce design agency.
  5. Ensuring security to protect customer personal data and online transactions.
  6. Integrating API connections to link your site with third-party apps that automate shipping, inventory management, adding new items, and more.
  7. Optimizing site performance for faster response to user actions and queries.
  8. Responsive WooCommerce website development services for optimal display on various mobile and desktop devices.
  9. Technical support for timely plugin updates, functionality maintenance, and prompt troubleshooting for site issues.

How My Business Can Benefit From WooCommerce?

By partnering with a highly qualified WooCommerce website development company, you will get a number of benefits that will help your e-commerce venture flourish. The plugin provides you with the following:

  1. Simplicity and ease of use. WooCommerce is open-source and easily integrates with WordPress sites, turning them into online selling platforms.
  2. Extensive functionality. The platform provides a lot of features that cover all your business needs and expand your commerce capabilities. The help of experts providing WooCommerce development services will save you time on researching and selecting the right options.
  3. High-level of security. WooCommerce offers additional security features, so working with a top WooCommerce development company ensures the security of your customers' data and online payments against malware.
  4. Cost-effectiveness. The basic set of features for launching an online store is free, and advanced capabilities are available for an average of $10-20 per month. However, the more options you want to implement in your project, the higher the cost. Web hosting needed to run a WordPress site and connect the WooCommerce plugin is also cheap, ranging from $2 to $14 per month.
  5. Accessibility and user-friendliness. As noted by experienced WooCommerce web design companies, sites developed on this platform work excellently on smartphones, enhancing the user experience for mobile shoppers.
  6. Fast and easy scalability. Thanks to open access to software, a WooCommercedevelopment agency can make necessary changes during the project and quickly expand your online shop while maintaining high website performance.

WooCommerce Development Services Price

The cost of a project ordered from a WooCommerce website development agency is determined based on various factors:

  1. The size and complexity of the online store.
  2. The number of features and additional capabilities.
  3. Project completion timelines.
  4. The location of the contracting company.
  5. The number and level of qualifications of developers, and more.

Let's consider the average amounts charged by WooCommerce e-commerce development companies, depending on the type of project:

  1. From $0 to $1,500: Sites with basic functionality and standard themes. Suitable for startups, small, and medium-sized businesses.
  2. From $1,500 to $6,000: Solutions with additional features but more standardized themes. Typically used by mid-sized enterprises.
  3. From $10,000 to $30,000: Online stores with custom-developed features or a large set of additional options and designs. Such solutions are suitable for both medium and large businesses.

Please note that the high cost of services from a WooCommerce custom development company is due to specialists creating new, unique features compatible with the platform to meet your business needs. Therefore, to get an accurate budget estimate at the beginning of the collaboration, it is important to determine what needs and desires your website should cater to.

WooCommerce Development Services You Can Find On GetTrusted

In the e-commerce industry, there is high competition, so your online store needs to stand out from the rest. By turning to the best WooCommerce development company, you can gain a competitive advantage with a highly aesthetic and user-friendly website.

On our rating platform, you have access to numerous specialists providing affordable WooCommerce development services:

WooCommerce Consulting

Agency that provides WooCommerce consulting services to help you define key business goals, select the necessary features and apps to integrate into your online store, and estimate project duration and cost. Experienced consultants will also help you choose marketing resources for promotion and SEO tools to improve your site's search engine rankings.

WooCommerce Migration

The company will provide WooCommerce migration services if you need to migrate your online store from your current platform to WooCommerce. These include developing an optimal and secure solution that allows you to quickly transfer your products, customer database, orders, shopping carts, blogs, and other materials to the platform you need without data loss.

WooCommerce Integration

Working with the best WooCommerce development service provider, you get seamless and straightforward online store WooCommerce integration with third-party apps, payment gateways, and external web resources (partner websites, social media). All of this helps create a feature-rich site that will be in demand among your customers.

WooCommerce theme development

A WooCommerce design company offers exclusive WooCommerce theme development services that highlight the uniqueness of your online store and give it an attractive appearance. You can request the creation of visuals from scratch or in accordance with your company's brand guidelines. Personalization and responsive WooCommerce development services increase the likelihood of attracting new customers to the site.

WooCommerce plugins development

Take advantage of WooCommerce developer services that specialize in creating new WooCommerce plugins for your e-commerce project. With personalized add-ons, you can solve business tasks and provide customers with convenient tools for product search, order placement, online payment, and more.

10 Questions To Ask WooCommerce Developers

Looking for a WordPress WooCommerce agency that is a perfect fit for your business goals? We have compiled a list of 10 questions to discuss with potential partners:

  • What experience does your WooCommerce development company have in my business niche, and can I see examples of your work, case studies, or portfolio?
  • Where can I read reviews and recommendations from your previous clients?
  • What qualifications does the WooCommerce developer agency's team have, and do you have certificates confirming your skills?
  • How does your WooCommerce digital agency protect my data during our collaboration?
  • How will the work on my project be structured, and through which communication channels will we use?
  • What technologies does your WooCommerce web design agency use for e-commerce website development and plugins, and what tools are applied for designing responsive designs?
  • How can I track progress or receive reports on the results of the work?
  • What pricing model can your WooCommerce web agency offer me?
  • How does your company regulate the issue of intellectual property rights for the developed digital product?
  • Does your WooCommerce agency offer additional services such as technical support and website maintenance after launch?
  • Interesting Facts about WooCommerce
  • Standard solutions for websites and WooCommerce custom development services are highly popular among retailers. Therefore, this platform claims to be the most in-demand among similar offerings in the market, as supported by statistics.

Let's consider some interesting facts about the plugin that WooCommerce companies use to transform WordPress websites into e-commerce platforms:

  1. As of the beginning of March 2023, there were 4,414,537 active online stores on the platform.
  2. 7.4% of all websites worldwide were created thanks to WooCommerce web development services.
  3. 93.7% of WordPress e-commerce websites operate using the WooCommerce plugin.
  4. 2.8 million e-commerce platforms built on the platform are located in the USA, 270,000 in the UK, 179,000 in Germany, 165,000 in Italy, and 159,000 in France.
  5. 68% is the share of platform usage across the internet for creating e-commerce websites.

Statistics also confirm the wide range of features, themes, and other possibilities you can take advantage of by hiring developers or a WooCommerce website design company:

  • 1,453 WooCommerce plugins are hosted on
  • 1,321 themes are available in the online store of templates for CMS systems, ThemeForest.
  • 4,600 free plugins are available to e-commerce representatives and WooCommerce development service providers.
  • The platform offers support for 67 language variants for your online store.


Can I hire a WooCommerce developer without knowing technical requirements?

Hiring a WooCommerce web development company without knowledge of the technical requirements can be challenging. You need to have a clear technical specification with documented requirements to get an effectively functioning website that aligns with your business goals. Turn to the experts at the GetTrusted platform, who will help you find a WooCommerce agency specializing in e-commerce website development. All you need to do is provide us with detailed information about your idea and preferences for the future project.

Why WooCommerce is so popular?

WooCommerce development service has gained popularity due to low cost of creating fully functional e-commerce websites, diverse themes that are easily customizable by a WooCommerce website design agency to match your brand,a vast array of free features to implement into your online store etc.

How can GetTrusted help me to find the best WooCommerce development agency?

Our rating platform selects companies that provide the best WooCommerce development services. We personally verify licenses, the quality of work, and the reliability of each agency listed on GetTrusted. To receive a list of candidates, send a request to our consultants through the form on the website. If you have questions about choosing a top WooCommerce development service provider from the candidates we provide, you can also use the list of questions mentioned above or request additional consultation from our team.

Which business should choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce website development services are ideal for beginner retailers and small and medium-sized businesses, as they do not require significant financial investments. Creating an online store from scratch or transforming an existing WordPress site takes little time. However, some large brands also turn to a WooCommerce website agency because the platform offers a high level of security, a straightforward process for integrating payment gateways, implementing numerous useful features for store management, and much more.

What factors should I consider when selecting a WooCommerce development company?

To choose the WooCommerce website development agency that perfectly fits your requirements, pay attention to the following factors: experience in your e-commerce niche, portfolio, qualifications and skills of the specialists, technologies used, rating on GetTrusted, client reviews and recommendations, service costs, and more. Also, conduct a preliminary interview to find out what collaboration terms the WooCommerce web development agency offers you.

Prepared by Oleg S.
Founder, Publisher
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