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What does GetTrusted offer with it’s Escrow Plus Service?

GetTrusted offers an additional escrow agreement called GetTrusted Escrow Plus, which ensures that payment will be held in escrow until the agreed-upon milestones or weekly goals are met. This provides a secure and seamless process for clients looking to find the right IT outsourcing company or agency for their needs. With GetTrusted Escrow Plus, payment is held in escrow until the agreed-upon milestones or weekly goals are met, providing a secure and seamless process for clients looking to find the right IT outsourcing company or agency for their needs. GetTrusted also provides ongoing assistance and supervision during the entire project launch, delivery, and completion process when clients choose the GetTrusted Escrow Plus option.

The main thing we bring with this service (and difference from other platforms) are quality checks for measurable things, such as coding and development processes.

What’s Covered with Escrow Plus

How getTrusted Escrow Works



When we receive a quote request from you, we first learn the details of the project and then establish a video call with you if needed. If we have enough details for a rough estimate, we’ll start the project estimation process immediately.



You will receive quotes from the top 3 IT companies in your project niche. Then, you will have direct communication with the preferred vendor(s), and our team will supervise and assist you. GetTrusted will support you throughout all the steps. In case you need a technical specification for your project, our team will prepare it for you. Preparing a technical specification is a paid service.



Once the technical specification is prepared and terms are agreed upon, all parties sign a Service & Escrow Agreement on GetTrusted, and the project can begin.



After Escrow funding, the Vendor will start the project. We will control the execution and code, and ensure the quality of the project’s processes.



Based on Contract Terms (Hourly, Fixed Price), we will release Escrow funds to the Vendor when quality and contract conditions are met.

GetTrusted Avantages

What  clients say about our

Escrow Services

I was invited to the platform as part of the beta testing. I needed performers who could develop a mobile app for my online store. It was important to find a team that could bring our ideas to life and create an innovative product that meets our requirements. I submitted a request, and they promptly matched me with a company that delivered my project within the set deadlines. The specialists at GetTrusted monitored the entire development and even checked the quality of the product. I am very satisfied with the result. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Eric Space

I often have to deal with freelancers, so I know all the “pitfalls” of working with such performers. However, from time to time, there were incidents that led to delays and poor execution of tasks. I was invited to the GetTrusted platform as part of the beta testing program. I was pleasantly surprised by the fast, precise, and high-quality service. And most importantly, all the performers are reliable and experienced. You can entrust them with your project.

Jack Sanders

GetTrusted is a real find for those involved in IT projects. I say this from personal experience. The platform has an Escrow service, which is hard to find elsewhere. And yet, this is exactly what guarantees the quality of the product and protects your funds. I’ve been using the platform within the beta testing program, and the result has been excellent.

Mark Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any commission for using GetTrusted Escrow Plus?

There is no commission for clients when paying escrow funds to our accounts via bank transfer. The only commission is a payment processing fee if you pay using cards.

When is software escrow services necessary?

Our service, GetTrusted Escrow Plus, can be helpful when a company is working with an IT vendor to develop custom software, websites, and so on. The GetTrusted Escrow Plus agreement is put in place to ensure that the quality of project execution processes is high enough. We release escrow funds to the vendor only if the quality of project delivery meets our high-quality standards for each category. Basically, our own tech team will check the quality of processes and internals of the project to supervise and perform quality checks for you.

What are the types of software escrow?

We offer two types of escrow, based on project type: fixed price and hourly escrow. In the first case, we release money to the vendor based on milestone completion. In the second case, with hourly, we release funds weekly based on progress and quality checks.

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