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GetTrusted platform brings you verified providers together with built-in project management, support, and safe billing. Launch your projects with guarantees.

Estimates-Based Model
Unlike other freelance platforms, before you start working with a service provider, you'll get a detailed Estimate document with deadlines and deliverables. We are involved in the validation of estimates and guarantee them — that's the cornerstone.
Escrow and a Single Contractor
Your project budget is secured until the deliverables are met. GetTrusted Escrow GmbH acts as the single contractor appearing in your accounting, taking on full responsibility for project delivery.
What differentiates GetTrusted?
vs the old way
We accept only expert-level verified talents and vendors from selected countries. No more overcrowded proposal rooms, no more spam, and no middlemen.
Unlike other platforms where anyone can register and start reaching out to customers, we have a two-steps verification process including video interview that only motivated experts can pass. We accept talents from 51 countries only, ensuring quality, avoiding middlemen and managing capacity effectively.
Have you used freelance marketplaces before? Unlike most of them, we are involved, check, and guarantee the quality of project delivery.
This provides you with a guarantee that the service provider will fulfil all obligations. Your funds are transferred to the executing company only after our verification and confirmation of the product’s quality.
Dedicated Manager. Project Management Assistance. Quality Supervision.
Unlike other platforms, every client at GetTrusted has a Customer Success Manager (a live team member, not an AI bot!) available for direct communication through the dashboard.

Every project has a separate message room for Project Management Assistance, with our PM attached part-time to your project. And yes, unlike other platforms, we provide continuous quality supervision on each project. Essentially, GetTrusted is involved as your technical advisor and partner in every project you start with us.
We do not charge commissions to our clients. No paid ads, no paid promotions to be on top, and no paid bids.
For customers, it's always a 0% fee. For service providers we charge 10% first six months, then 5% next six months with the customer, and 0% after one year working with customer.

It's not possible to buy a position at the top or advertise in any way on our platform. Only the professionalism and reviews of the freelancer or company matter to the algorithm that places them higher or lower. Both customers and freelancers say we are a top alternative to Upwork because we don't have paid bidding for jobs, and we don't offer any subscriptions either.
Our company is registered in Austria and holds full legal responsibility for project delivery and funds received.
GetTrusted is officially registered in Vienna and operates under Austrian legislation. We have an Escrow service officially included in the state registry as a business activity.

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Top Talent
Kyiv, Ukraine
Alex P.
3+ years of exp.
API & Software Documentation
Back-End Development
Cloud Architecture & Engineering
Top Talent
Maceio, Brazil
Joao F.
3+ years of exp.
Email, Phone & Chat Support
Game Testing & QA
Other Customer Service & Tech Support
Top Talent
Moncton, Canada
Mike B.
3+ years of exp.
E-commerce Development
Top Talent
The Hague, Netherlands
Oleksandr M.
3+ years of exp.
ERP/CRM Integration Services
ERP/CRM Software Development
Top Talent
São Paulo, Brazil
Raphael R.
3+ years of exp.
Affiliate Marketing
Generative AI
Graphic, Editorial & Presentation Design
Top Talent
Barcelona, Spain
Victor U.
3+ years of exp.
AR/VR Design
Back-End Development
Branding & Logo Design
Top Talent
Kyiv, Ukraine
Mykyta S.
3+ years of exp.
API & Software Documentation
Automated Testing
Back-End Development
Top Talent
Curitiba, Brazil
Josiane G.
3+ years of exp.
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Generative AI
Top Talent
Grantham, United Kingdom
Henry W.
3+ years of exp.
API & Software Documentation
Automated Testing
Payment Gateways & Solutions
Top Talent
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Vitaliy H.
3+ years of exp.
Back-End Development
ERP/CRM Software Development
Full Stack Development
The heart of GetTrusted: Estimates and Escrow
How it works?

GetTrusted is a platform that connects customers and IT services and marketing providers together, providing management, technical supervision and billing, including an Escrow feature.

Customers can build their teams or run projects both with individual freelancers and companies, being confident — GetTrusted performs all the needed checks of providers and guarantees the accuracy of estimates and the safety of the processes.

GetTrusted is the sole recipient of funds and the only responsible party, so you don't need to manage all the contractors — you have a single point of responsibility. GetTrusted is registered and operates under Austrian law, a globally recognized financial jurisdiction.

Working on GetTrusted, you have your Dedicated Manager available in real-time on your dashboard. No "AI support" — just a live professional from the Customer Success Team.

Please find detailed process steps below.

Start a Project

To begin with hiring or a project, please proceed with this form.

Fill in the details about what you're looking to get done, including the scope, skills required, and your expected budget.

We might ask you to confirm your profile with an SMS, and after a quick verification, your project will be published and available to receive proposals from our service providers.

Be confident — every service provider has passed document verification as well as a personal video interview and due diligence process.

Receiving Proposals

When your project receives new proposals from freelancers or company representatives, you will see those cover letters in your personal dashboard.

You decide which proposals to respond to. When you'd like to start a conversation with a selected provider, just click "Reply" — and you'll get a new dialog in the Messages center.

Feel free to dive into the details and negotiate with one or more service providers.

Receive, Review and Accept Estimations

Once service providers are ready, they will send an Estimates documents for your review.

Estimates are the most important part of every project on GetTrusted. Each project can have one or more Estimates, each might have its own currency.

Every Estimate contains full information about deliverables, budget, timeline, Escrow funding amount, and payout terms such as milestones or recurring payments.

This ensures you always have a clear understanding of what you will receive upon project completion and how the payment process will be performed.

Once the Estimate is accepted and Escrow funded, the service provider will start working, and our team will assist you with project management and quality checks of the delivery processes.

Acceptance and Payouts

When the service provider is ready with the deliverables, you will receive a payout request. If you haven't submitted any objections, the service provider will receive funds from our Escrow, which you funded earlier.

In case of objections, our technical team will join the project management team to help resolve the issue, based on the deliverables and conditions outlined in the Estimate.

Key Points
GetTrusted — IT Services & Marketing Marketplace

At GetTrusted, our mission is to rework the IT Services delivery by offering a marketplace that prioritizes clients projects deadlines and budgets keeping. We achieve this by building a top-level community of freelancers and companies, implementing quality checks and duedil, involving our technical expertise, getting trust as a cornerstone.

Niche Providers Only
Before any work starts and before the first cent is paid, you will receive Estimates from the service providers.

Every talent or company on GetTrusted from whom you can receive proposals has already been verified through document checks, video interviews, and due diligence. Each of them has expertise in a specific niche.
Estimation Documents
Each Estimate is a legal document that includes all deliverables, budget, Escrow funding, milestones, or a recurring payments model.

This unique approach, which differentiates us from other freelance marketplaces, with our expert team on top, guarantees the safety of your project's budget and deadlines.

That's why GetTrusted was built.
Receiving Proposals
Once your project is posted on GetTrusted, you'll start receiving cover letters from service providers. To begin a conversation, simply click the Reply button. You can then continue negotiations, diving into the specifics of your project's expectations and budget.
Sole payments recepient — sole responsibility
All funds paid by you for projects are deposited into our Escrow bank accounts in Austria and securely held there until your project's deliverables are met.

Instead of dealing with disconnected hires and invoices, you get everything organized under a single entity: GetTrusted Escrow GmbH, serving as your service provider.