Josiane G.
> 10 years of exp.
Curitiba, Brazil
05:23 AM local time
Analytics CSS WordPress Marketing SEO Copywriting Email marketing Technical writing Office 365 Sales & Marketing Microsoft Windows English Portuguese Spanish Problem Resolution Chatbot ChatGPT Google Analytics Google Sheets Google Tag Manager Marketing Analytics Microsoft Excel Landing Page Ebook Email Communication Microsoft PowerPoint Search Engine Optimization UX Writing B2C Marketing B2B Marketing Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing Email Copywriting SEO Keyword Research Search Engine Marketing Strategy Ahrefs Google Search Console Google Trends Moz On-Page SEO WordPress SEO Plugin Off-Page SEO Technical SEO Content SEO SEO Audit SEO Performance SEO Strategy AI Content Writing Screaming Frog SEO Spider SEO Backlinking SEO Writing Trello Scrum Kanban Methodology Article FAQ Technical Writing SEO Localization Content Writing Blog Writing Newsletter Writing Online Writing Press Release Writing Sales Copywriting Google Docs Web Crawling
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Prompt Writing
Provider: Escola de Conteúdo
Issued: 2024
Introdução ao Inbound Marketing
Provider: RD University
Issued: 2023
SEO Avançado: mensuração da estratégia
Provider: Escola Conquer
Issued: 2023
UX Writing
Provider: Descola Cursos
Issued: 2023
Agência Papoca
SEO manager (remote work)
2022 - 2024
Agência Tribo
Content Manager (remote work)
2021 - 2022
INVEXO Imobiliária
Content coordinator (remote work)
2019 - 2021
Undergraduate Course – Digital Business
2020 - 2022
Marketing, SEO, and Communication Analyst
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