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Top Magento Development Companies

List is prepared by Oleg S.

11 July 2024
Aggregated rating
1 review


"Our collaboration with PROS was a resounding success."

Liam Taylor
Account Manager

Aggregated rating
2 reviews


"I'm seriously blown away by how professional and dedicated these folks are at Media Lounge."

Jackson King
Operations Director

Aggregated rating
3 reviews


"Through reliable communication and clear explanations, PowerSync simplified an extremely complex development project."

Oliver Johnson
Operations Manager

Aggregated rating
1 review


"The journey with KAELMO for Application Development Services services was one of growth and achievement."

Ava Harris
Financial Planner

Aggregated rating

Surat | Las Vegas

1 2 3 82 83

Why GetTrusted is new way of

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the Old Way

We only work with personally verified IT companies and agencies from countries known for their high-quality outsourcing. Our verified and trusted catalog shows that all service providers have excellent reputations and years of experience in various niches. No freelancers, only the top 3 companies in each category.

Competitors lack their own pool of service providers. They rely on freelancers who often lack the necessary education and experience. There are risks of the freelancer disappearing, delays in delivery, poor task execution, and breaches of confidentiality. Normally, there are no vetted developers on those marketplaces.

We function both as a catalog and a marketplace with an Escrow feature. This provides you with a guarantee that the service provider will fulfill all obligations. Your funds are transferred to the executing company only after our verification and confirmation of the product’s quality.

Freelance marketplaces do not verify the quality of completed work. Therefore, you cannot obtain a guarantee for the timely completion of all tasks and protect yourself from financial fraud.

Our team provides support at every stage. We assist in selecting the right service provider, preparing technical specifications, and ensuring project support and quality control. If you do not have the necessary talent in your team to prepare a technical specification and perform quality checks, our Escrow Plus service is the best option.

Competitors have minimal involvement in the project. Most companies simply connect the service provider with the client, take their commission, and forget about the project.

We do not charge commissions to our clients. Our company offers transparent pricing without hidden fees or commissions – and we do the quality control.

Other companies charge an additional percentage. On average, clients pay a 5% commission on the project without any quality assurance.

Our company is registered in Europe and holds legal responsibility. GetTrusted is officially registered in Vienna and operates under Austrian legislation.

Many freelance platforms have no legal liability. Often, clients establish contracts directly with the executing firm rather than with the platform itself.

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How to select the best

Magento Development Company


TOP 3 Magento Development companies

Welcome to Gettrusted,- the largest list of Magento Development agencies for different types of solutions requiring Magento Development. In our catalog there are a lot of companies which we pre-vote and found best 3 for your projects. Our agencies turn your idea into a solution your customers will love. With the help of our talented developers, you will reach your target audience and achieve the desired results in no time. Boost your project with best Magento Development companies.

Things to take in to account when chose Magento Development companies

TOP Things we took a look during scoring Magento Development agencies companies are:

  1. Amount of engineers related to Magento Development.
  2. Ratio of Magento Development seniors to Magento Development juniors developers.
  3. Magento Development SDLC maturity.
  4. Case studies related to Magento Development.
  5. Customer reviews related to Magento Development on different platforms Like: Clutch, Goodfirms, Google, Trustpilot, G2.
  6. Many other Magento Development specific factors.

What Is the Main Role of Magento Developers?

As an e-commerce platform, Magento provides businesses with high-quality and attractive web solutions. There is also an open-source version of Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce, which is a SaaS platform, available. However, working with these resources independently for individuals without technical skills can be challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of a Magento/Magento 2 development company that offers expert assistance. These specialists possess the necessary skills and qualifications to create, support, and enhance your online store.

Familiarize yourself with the main roles of developers in the best Magento development company to understand how they can assist your business:

  1. Software Engineers: Specialists who are directly involved in the development of your online store, including coding, architecture design, and the creation and implementation of necessary features.
  2. Designers: Magento company experts in developing aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly UI/UX website design, as well as designing interactive interfaces. This category also includes animators and illustrators who create creative elements to attract and retain customers in your online store.
  3. Product Managers: Specialists responsible for identifying customer needs, your business goals, and the key features of the future digital product. They also organize the team's work according to the methodologies used in Magento development agency (Agile, Scrum, Kanban).
  4. Project Managers: Company employees who take on project management responsibilities. They are responsible for communicating with you and maintaining stable communication among all team members, ensuring complete understanding between you and Magento developers.

What Are the Benefits of Magento as an E-commerce Platform?

For the successful development of a retail business, it is important to have an online store that fully meets customer demands. A reliable Magento development company understands this and offers you the key advantages of this platform:

  • High Customization: Magento allows you to customize everything you need, including the overall appearance of the website, category and product page designs, page transitions, and more. There are also many plugins for payment, inventory management, shipping, and order processing. You can build an online store from scratch if none of the templates suit your needs. Utilize the services of a Magento agency whose team will handle coding-related tasks, creating a unique UI/UX design, and implementing features.
  • Built-in SEO Tools: Magento-based websites can easily adapt to different screen sizes and are compatible with various devices and browsers. The platform includes necessary features for search engine optimization, which an expert Magento services company can explain to you. For example, optimizing URL addresses, meta tags, sitemaps, and more.
  • Scalability: Regardless of the number of stores created, their data will be collected in one Magento backend office. The platform also has Varnish caching tools, allowing you to scale and improve site performance through HTTP accelerators and a fast reverse proxy server. To ensure easy expansion and business growth, rely on the support of a Magento eCommerce agency, which will consider all technical nuances and offer optimal solutions.
  • Easy Integration: Magento web solutions allow you to integrate various services to enhance the customer shopping experience, such as payment gateways, order tracking, shipping, data processing, and more. Thanks to these third-party resources, you get a convenient website that fully meets all the needs of your users.

What Is the Average Price for a Magento Development Service?

The cost of services is one of the first points to consider when choosing service providers. Each Magento web development company may have its own pricing models. Furthermore, several factors influence the price, including:

  • Project complexity.
  • The number of required features.
  • The qualifications of specialists.
  • The number of team members.
  • Project completion deadlines.
  • The location of developers, and more.

Usually, Magento agencies use two pricing models:

  • Fixed Price: The contract clearly defines the development cost and project completion deadlines. To determine the exact amount, the team of experts needs to receive a brief, analyze the scope of work, identify key business goals, and consider potential risks. The average cost of Magento and Magento 2 development agency services that offer a fixed price ranges from $10,000 to $25,000. For particularly complex projects, the cost can reach $50,000 or more.
  • Time-and-Materials: The service price depends on the number of specialists involved and the hours spent on development. This model is often used for long-term projects, and payment can be made in installments for each completed stage of work. In the Magento website development company that charges hourly rates, the cost of specialists' services varies from $50 to $150 per hour.

On the GetTrusted freelancer platform, you can find top Magento development companies, among which you will surely find an option that fits your budget.

Magento Development Services You Can Find On GetTrusted

Our platform only features licensed agencies with highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals in web development on the platform. Explore the range of services offered by top Magento agencies listed on GetTrusted.

Magento Consulting

If you plan to create your own online store and don't know where to start, Magento experts will provide comprehensive consultations. They can also help outline a work plan, formulate an effective marketing strategy, and introduce you to current market trends. All this knowledge will help you understand the aspects of creating an online marketplace and establish productive cooperation with a Magento eCommerce development agency.

Magento Support

Managing and maintaining a website can be challenging, and system failures can lead to customer losses. To avoid such problems, qualified specialists from a Magento development agency provide constant support and timely technical maintenance for your online store. This service will help you maintain high performance and security for your marketplace.

Magento Upgrade

The e-commerce platform constantly evolves, with new features and functions becoming available. To take advantage of these improvements, you will need to upgrade your Magento app to the latest version. Magento and Magento 2 agency will take care of the necessary upgrade and improvement work for your online store, allowing you to save time for other business tasks.

Magento Extension Development

The architecture of Adobe Commerce and open-source Magento allows programmers from an eCommerce Magento development agency to make changes and create new components according to your needs and preferences. Specialists will create additional extensions to enhance your online store. They also easily integrate with other platform components, ensuring fast and stable website operation.

Speed Optimization

To attract customers, it's important to maintain high performance and fast page loading, as the speed of your marketplace directly affects conversion rates. Therefore, optimization is an important part of collaborating with a Magento store development company. Professionals will help you choose the best hosting, review code quality, and propose integrations to reduce page loading times.

Magento Theme Development

If you want to create a unique theme that reflects your brand's style, turn to a Magento web design agency where experts specialize in developing an attractive website appearance. They also offer services for optimizing UI and UX design following your brand's concept, making your store more expressive compared to competitors.

10 Questions To Ask Magento Developers

It's important to select the best Magento agency with high qualifications and experience to build an online marketplace that meets all your business needs and goals. There are many companies on the GetTrusted platform whose licenses and works have already been verified by our administrators. However, to find a development team that best suits your requirements, you need to conduct a personal interview and get answers to the following questions:

  1. What experience does your Magento web agency have, and have you previously worked on projects in my industry?
  2. Can I see your portfolio? Do you have cases or examples of work you've done in the industry I'm interested in?
  3. Where can I review recommendations and feedback from your previous clients?
  4. How is the cost of your services determined, and what is included in them?
  5. How will your Magento e-commerce company organize work on my project, and what communication channels will you use?
  6. How do you ensure the quality of your products, and what is the testing process for the websites you develop?
  7. Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my data, and if so, how exactly?
  8. Does your Magento agency provide support and maintenance after the product is launched into the market?
  9. How will our collaboration on website development proceed (contract signing, work stages, reporting)?
  10. What is your company's policy regarding intellectual property rights for the digital product developed based on Magento?

Let's review TOP 3 companies that entered the global market of Magento Development companies and made their name known. We gathered the essential info with offered services, locations, and reviews in our list of top vendors.

TOP 3 Magento Development companies:


Key factors:

  • GetTrusted rating - 0.0.
  • 0 experts in Magento Development.
  • Founded: 0.
  • Awards: 0.
  • Magento Development related projects: 10.

Why Choose as a Magento Development Company?:

  • Service provider providers a skilled team of paramount specialists dedicated to your project.
  • A complex approach.
  • Their approach makes the workflow anticipated and controlled.


Key factors:

  • GetTrusted rating - 0.0.
  • 0 experts in Magento Development.
  • Founded: 0.
  • Awards: 0.
  • Magento Development related projects: 10.

Why Choose as a Magento Development Company?:

  • Company providers at skilled team of paramount specialists dedicated to your project.
  • A complex approach.
  • Their approach makes the workflow predictable and controlled.


Key factors:

  • GetTrusted rating - 0.0.
  • 0 experts in Magento Development.
  • Founded: 0.
  • Awards: 0.
  • Magento Development related projects: 10.

Why Choose as a Magento Development Company?:

  • Agency providers a skilled team of top-notch specialists dedicated to your project.
  • A structured approach.
  • Their approach makes the workflow predictable and controlled.

The answer lies in its reliability and availability of agencies.

Some of its core benefits include:

  1. Efficiency: Solutions built using magento development can streamline processes, enhance productivity, accelerate operations, and improve overall efficiency for businesses.
  2. Consistency: Magento Development ensures reliable and consistent performance, minimizing downtime, errors, and disruptions in the project.
  3. Adaptability: Solutions based on magento development can easily scale and adapt to changing project needs.
  4. Configurability: Magento Development allows solutions to be configured according to specific requirements.
  5. Affordability: Solutions built using magento development offer cost-effective options, allowing businesses to achieve their desired outcomes.

Benefits of Magento Development Company Outsourcing

When making decisions about creating your own online marketplace, turn to rating resources like GetTrusted to find a top Magento development company. This way, you can experience all the benefits of collaborating with a licensed and reliable service provider:

  • Access to the best talent: Outsourced Magento development agency allows you to collaborate with professionals from around the world. You can hire the best talent to create your online store by partnering with a product development contractor.
  • Strategic guidance: If you are new to the e-commerce industry, representatives from a top Magento company will help you create an effective development strategy and project roadmap. They will analyze competitors and their digital solutions.
  • Identifying needs: Leveraging their experience, a professional Magento development team will help you identify the needs, goals, and desires of the end-user. This will make your website more in-demand and attractive.
  • Custom website development: Magento website development companies always offer their clients a personalized approach. The experience and skills of their employees allow them to apply new approaches and create unique extensions that will make your project stand out.
  • Time savings: By outlining your needs and preferences for the product, you can focus on other essential tasks, as the outsourcing team of specialists will have a project manager. This manager takes responsibility for organizing work processes and communication with you.
  • Quality assurance: Magento web development agency typically has its own team of QA specialists who test the product and create reports on the results. Therefore, you can be sure that your website has undergone all necessary checks and operates seamlessly.

5 Risks to Take into account Before start work with Magento Development Development Company

  1. Inexperienced team: Engaging with a software development agencies that have an inexperienced team.
  2. Lack of collaboration: Insufficient communication, ineffective coordination with the companies can hinder progress, cause misunderstandings, and impact the final outcome.
  3. Missed deadlines.
  4. Security vulnerabilities.
  5. Unexpected costs: Failure to establish clear budgetary expectations or engaging with service providers.


Which types of Magento development services can I find?

Magento ecommerce development company offers a wide range of services, among which you can find: consulting, creating websites from scratch, designing the online store, technical maintenance and support, performing updates, optimizing the performance of an existing website, programming custom extensions, and integrating third-party apps. Additionally, Magento 2 agency offers the creation of new online stores tailored exclusively to the unique needs of your business.

Why should I choose Magento (Adobe Commerce) certified partners?

The presence of Magento certification for a Magento design company or developer is a guarantee of quality. It means that the team possesses all the necessary knowledge and skills to work with the platform and create reliable, high-performing, resilient, and visually appealing online stores. By choosing certified experts, you ensure that you will receive a well-structured and viable website. You also avoid unnecessary expenses that may arise when dealing with a company that lacks deep expertise in Magento-based store development.

How can GetTrusted help me to find the best Magento development agency?

On our rating platform for finding service providers, we manually verify certificates, experience, and the quality of services offered by providers and then compile a list of the best Magento agencies. This way, you can be confident that all the candidates presented have the necessary technical skills. Therefore, from the list of teams on GetTrusted, you can choose those with the most experience in developing online stores, specifically in your business industry.

Which business should choose Magento?

Magento eCommerce website development company services are suitable for startups and small, medium, and large businesses. With high scalability, solutions based on Magento, Magento 2, or Adobe Commerce are suitable for any enterprise, regardless of its size. Specialists will help you develop a reliable website that will serve as a unique online representation of your brand on the internet.

What factors should I consider when selecting a Magento development company?

To hire Magento website development company that will provide you with the best services, be sure to research reviews, recommendations, and ratings on platforms like GetTrusted and then conduct interviews with the selected candidates. Pay attention to the following factors: team certification and skills, experience, portfolio, cost of services, and collaboration model. It's also worth considering the location of Magento development agencies and outsourcing team members to avoid problems due to time zone differences in future collaborations.

How long does it take to develop an application?

The delivery time significantly depends on your requirements. On average, a simple app can be created in months. Mid-size and big-size apps can take to months, respectively.

What are the reasons for outsourcing magento development?

We find, assess, and hire top-notch employees from our rich talent pool of various fields. We train ready-to-go teams to save your time and effort.

Where are service providers offices located?

Their main offices are based in different locations. Please find below locations of : . Locations of are next: ; and offices are located:

How much is the cost of MAGENTO DEVELOPMENT services?

It depends on the scale of the project, your requirements, your chosen cooperation model, etc. The costs of an average MVP based on Gettrusted median on start from round 2000. The leading world projects like Photoshop or Microsoft Office can be estimated at up to 200000.

What size companies do your vendors work with?

Our companies provide MAGENTO DEVELOPMENT services for all sizes of companies. Both startups and medium-sized enterprises can turn to our full-stack professional Magento Development company to get outstanding solutions.

Prepared by Oleg S.
Founder, Publisher
As a Founder of, I am passionate about the innovation of new products a...

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