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There are no comissions for clients on GetTrusted

technical and project management support

Since first contact – we provide the technical and project management support for you. We also have a Discovery Service to prepare a technical specification for your project


Unlike others, we do control the quality of code made by vendors. We also have a strict guidelines on a projects development and delivery to guarantee the project success


Your funds are secured by our Escrow Service under Austrian Law. Your funds being released to vendor only after quality confirmed and you agreed.


We work only in market areas that can be measured. For instance, code and ads setup can be measured, so we do provide checks and quality guarantee. However, UX/UI or copywriting can’t quality be measured so we don’t work with that


We will assist you with getting a specification for your project and will bring you a quotes from 1-3 great vendors. Every estimation is being checked by our own tech team to be realistic and reasonable


We have developers and QA in-house who do control, check and supervices quotes, code, projects. That’s the most important and great thing in our platform. Now you can not only trust your vendors – but be sure: we checked the job

Top AI Consulting Services Companies in Toronto

List is prepared by Oleg S.

10 July 2024
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Toronto | San Francisco

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Toronto | Chicago | St. Petersburg


Toronto | Brampton


Why GetTrusted is new way of

Searching AI Consulting Services Service Provider in Toronto

the Old Way

We only work with personally verified IT companies and agencies from countries known for their high-quality outsourcing. Our verified and trusted catalog shows that all service providers have excellent reputations and years of experience in various niches. No freelancers, only the top 3 companies in each category.

Competitors lack their own pool of service providers. They rely on freelancers who often lack the necessary education and experience. There are risks of the freelancer disappearing, delays in delivery, poor task execution, and breaches of confidentiality. Normally, there are no vetted developers on those marketplaces.

We function both as a catalog and a marketplace with an Escrow feature. This provides you with a guarantee that the service provider will fulfill all obligations. Your funds are transferred to the executing company only after our verification and confirmation of the product’s quality.

Freelance marketplaces do not verify the quality of completed work. Therefore, you cannot obtain a guarantee for the timely completion of all tasks and protect yourself from financial fraud.

Our team provides support at every stage. We assist in selecting the right service provider, preparing technical specifications, and ensuring project support and quality control. If you do not have the necessary talent in your team to prepare a technical specification and perform quality checks, our Escrow Plus service is the best option.

Competitors have minimal involvement in the project. Most companies simply connect the service provider with the client, take their commission, and forget about the project.

We do not charge commissions to our clients. Our company offers transparent pricing without hidden fees or commissions – and we do the quality control.

Other companies charge an additional percentage. On average, clients pay a 5% commission on the project without any quality assurance.

Our company is registered in Europe and holds legal responsibility. GetTrusted is officially registered in Vienna and operates under Austrian legislation.

Many freelance platforms have no legal liability. Often, clients establish contracts directly with the executing firm rather than with the platform itself.

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How to select the best

AI Consulting Services Company in Toronto


How We Choose the Best AI Consulting Services Agencies

The GetTrusted website offers you top AI Consulting Services companies that have undergone thorough scrutiny by our specialists. All the service providers featured in the ranking have been selected based on the following criteria:

  • Qualification level of developers.
  • Confirmed cases.
  • Client reviews.
  • Overall reputation.
  • Industry fields.
  • Quality of developed products.

Reasons to Work With a Vetted AI Consulting Services Company

By choosing a prestigious AI Consulting Services agency from GetTrusted's list, you receive a range of benefits:

  • Assurance of reliability and quality.
  • Safety of your finances.
  • Confidence in project completion within the deadline.
  • Stable communication with the provider.
  • Control over every phase of project development.

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring AI Consulting Services Experts

  1. Does the company have experience in AI Consulting Services development within your field?
  2. Can they provide case studies of their previous products?
  3. What tools and technologies does the studio offer for executing your order?
  4. On what principles is the collaboration built?
  5. How is the security of your data ensured?
  6. What is the company's policy regarding intellectual property?
  7. What is the pricing structure for their services?
  8. Is post-project support offered after project completion?
  9. How will communication be established with you?
  10. What other services can the agency offer?


How does Gettrusted vet his partners?

Every AI Consulting Services company is evaluated against our quality and qualification criteria. We also verify the company's licenses and product examples.

What models of cooperation do your partners offer?

Typically, these are Fixed Price and Time and Materials, but other models may be considered depending on your project's specifics.

How do I find a AI Consulting Services firm?

Explore the ranking on our website, or seek assistance from our consultants.

What to consider when choosing a AI Consulting Services agency?

Experience, portfolio, areas of expertise, qualification of developers, cost of services, and more.

What are the benefits of working with an outsourcing AI Consulting Services agency?

Savings in time and resources on hiring an internal team, access to talents from around the world, and accelerated development process.

How quickly will I be contacted?

Response time depends on the complexity of your consultation topics and the location of the specialists.

What problems can AI Consulting Services consulting solve?

Consulting provides comprehensive information on any matters related to AI Consulting Services and is necessary for developing a strategy that is necessary at cost-effective resource allocation and achieving a reliable, high-quality product.

Prepared by Oleg S.
Founder, Publisher
As a Founder of, I am passionate about the innovation of new products a...

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