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Top OpenCart developers available to hire

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Top 1 developers:

Salary: $8,400/y
Experience: 5y+

I am a web developer since 2013. I have extensive experience with front-end (adaptive pixel perfect markup using gulp, bootstrap, scss), js (native, jQuery, basic skills of working with react and vue)) I have 4 years of full-stack opencart developer experience (10+ projects ) and H-script (php, js, mysql, scss) 10+ projects. I know how to work in a team, I learn and adapt quickly.

Expert in: Front-End / JS, HTML, CSS, OpenCart

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English: Intermediate

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How to Hire OpenCart developers


OpenCart Developers for Hire

Is your business in need of implementing a reliable digital solution to enhance operations or elevate customer service based on OpenCart? If so, it's crucial to turn to an qualified IT agency. You can hire dedicated OpenCart developers by following recommendations from experts on the GetTrusted platform.

GetTrusted Advantages

Take advantage of the advantages of our rating platform, GetTrusted, to find the best OpenCart experts. We offer you:

  • Assistance in selecting developers.
  • Companies ratings.
  • Building a team of engineers within your budget.
  • Stable communication.
  • Control and assistance throughout the project launch.
  • Collaboration with talented IT teams worldwide.
  • A individual approach.
  • Ready-made digital agreement templates.

Why GetTrusted is the New Way of Searching for OpenCart Developers

Our service is a reliable partner facilitating collaboration between you and OpenCart engineers. We've developed our own algorithm for choosing and verifying various studios to provide you with only the best. The GetTrusted team manually examines candidates before including them in the top. Furthermore, we personally verify certificates and licenses so that you can hire OpenCart developers without worrying about their qualification and integrity.

For your convenience and ease of search, our service has categories dedicated to various software development development technologies, including OpenCart.

How to Hire OpenCart Developers

Before moving on to selecting an agency, it's necessary to define the key requirements that the hired OpenCart developers should fulfill. To do this, describe the following:

  • Goals that the future development should achieve.
  • Technical requirements for the project.
  • The type of platform on which your software will operate.
  • Budget size and completion timeline.

Then, it's essential to determine which tech stack is suitable for realizing your project. For instance, if you plan to use OpenCart, pay attention to specialists specifically in this industry.

In partnership with GetTrusted, the process of selecting the suitable IT service vendor is significantly streamlined and consists of four stages:

  • Obtaining quotes according to your technical preferences.
  • Evaluation of the idea and quotations.
  • Vendor selection and start of the project.
  • Quality control and delivery of the final solution.

Top Interview Questions to Hire OpenCart Developers

On the GetTrusted platform, you can effortlessly and easily hire remote OpenCart developers. To select the most suitable programmers for your company, conduct an interview with each candidate. Ask them ten questions that will help you make an thoughtful decision:

  1. What examples of work do the hired engineers have in your business?
  2. What tech stack does the chosen team use?
  3. In what way can the company confirm its level of experience?
  4. What measures are taken by the team to ensure a level of protection for your confidential data during the course of work?
  5. What methodologies does the studio use for managing the development of your idea?
  6. How is the cost of OpenCart programmers' services?
  7. What technical servicing is provided to you by the IT company after the product launch of the completed program?
  8. How is agreement regarding copyright and intellectual property formulated?
  9. Does the company to implement any technologies for additional integrations within a program built on the OpenCart?
  10. What communication channels are applied during development?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire OpenCart Developer?

As a rule, the average cost ranges from $15 to $20 per hour. However, keep in mind that the pricing for services of OpenCart developers for hire depends on a multitude of various criteria. For example:

  • The complexity and type of the idea for which you select or search for workers.
  • The proficiency level in the required tech stack.
  • The number of specialists and their qualification.
  • The states from which you are sourcing specialists, and more.


How do I hire developers?

Utilize the services of our rating platform, where you are presented with a list of companies for developing products based on OpenCart. Then, conduct an interview to find the most suitable candidate from the chosen applicants.

Who has coding authority after the project is completed?

This depends on the cooperation model of the chosen team. Before drafting the contract, discuss this matter to find out whether you will get copyright and intellectual property rights to the project after its completion.

How to choose the best OpenCart developer for my project?

Refer to our rating of certified engineers offering digital product development services. Here, you won't find freelance OpenCart developers, as we strive to guarantee you with reliable services from verified contractors.

When should I hire a OpenCart expert on my team?

In cases where your staff lacks the necessary talent or your employees don't have the required qualifications for development of the product.

What are the benefits of hiring remote developers?

You save on providing physical workspace for onsite employees, delegate the task of finding needed OpenCart experts to the contracting company, and get access to top talent from around the world in a short time.

What are the best ways to track the progress of remote developers?

You can monitor the progress of hired staff through specialized software. Additionally, some companies practice sending progress reports after each development phase.

How long will my project take to build?

The duration of creating your project depends on its complexity, the number of necessary features, the tech stack, the number of developers, and other factors.

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